Casual chic can be a tough nut to crack - whether for Saturday shopping with friends (think Barneys shopping not Trader Joe's shopping) or a first date when you don't want to look like your trying too hard. Go for cute and pulled together, not high maintenance.

Foolproof equation = Dark jeans (straight or skinny) + flats + the elusive perfect top.

Enter options for the "elusive perfect top"

ChloƩ Striped Jersey T-shirt at The Outnet (on sale for $174)

Crispin & Basilio Silk Zipper Shoulder Tee in Beige at Revolve ($242)

Alexander Wang Washed Georgette Blouse in Ivory at Forward ($325)

Mason by Michelle Mason Cargo Vest at shopbop ($298) - paired with a simple white tank

Parker Tuxedo Tank at shopbop ($137)

Mason by Michelle Mason Tank with Elastic Detail at shopbop ($143)

Patterson J. Kincaid Sao Paolo Tank at shopbop ($78)


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